802.1x is a Security Protocol at Layer 2 Network Devices

Such as Network Switches and Wireless Access Points

First Step Connect Network Switch to Authenticator Server (RADIUS , Cisco ACS ,…)

When Client want to connect to Network Switch. that switch port changed to unauthorized state

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Note: STP & CDP Protocol are enable in this state


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That way client must be authenticate via Username and Password to access the network Resources

There are other ways to authenticate

  • Mac authentication
  • Web authentication

Securing the authentication by EAP mechanism

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There are several types of EAP

  • EAP-MD5
  • LEAP

They differ in complexity levels of the security method


Why we must Implement the 802.1X Protocol at the Network?

Many of the network attacks it happens at the Layer 2 Network

And we Don’t have any control over them

But we can using the 802.1X Protocol to Security and authentication users at the network


Why some administrator prefer don’t to use the 802.1x at network?

  • Requires to failover Authenticator Server
  • Requires to Implementation knowledge


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